PeaceBread congratulates AHA and bus participants

Potsdam, June, 24, 2018: For 70ty years the Andreas-Hermes-Academy (AHA) offers top-level training possibilities, and for 30ty years especially the Farmers- and Entrepreneurs (bus) for businesses from the agricultural and food sector and the rural areas. Among the congratulants at this year´s bus-celebration (bus-Fest) with approximately 200 people was the PeaceBread Association. Its chairman Adalbert Kienle thanked the Andreas-Hermes-Academy for inviting PeaceBread time and again for a meeting to talk about the connections of agriculture and peace in Europe. At the end of the anniversary celebration the collection from the ecumenical service was given to PeaceBread for its free disposal. Adalbert Kienle emphasized that the PeaceBread Association always refers to the biblical proverb: „He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding“.

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