Brussels Committee praises PeaceBread

Unity in Brussels with members of the EESC and PeaceBread: The European union is an unique work of peace.


Brussels, 25.04.2019: Great interest and unanimous praise for the idea and the activities of PeaceBread  – and a clear commitment for a further cooperation. This was the summary of the visit from the PeaceBread delegation to Brussels by invitation of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). At the European conference „Peace and Agriculture“ taking place in September in Lithuania, the EESC will be contributing to the content of the conference with its president and a delegation.  At the meeting of the expert group for agriculture, rural development and environment on April 25th 2019 with over70 members of the EESC, Adalbert Kienle and Dr. Gibfried Schenk from the PeaceBread Association emphasized the manifold connections between peace and agriculture, which are being conveyed especially to younger people. The European integration of 28 member states is an unique work of peace for which the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union has played an elementary part and will play this part furthermore.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is a consultative body of the EU with representatives of employer- and employee organisations, which presents advisory opinions on matters concerning the Committee to the institutions of the EU  such as the Parliament, the Council and the Commission and therefore serves as a bridge between those decision-making organs of the EU and the citizen and the the civil society.


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