Representatives of the office association „PeaceBread“ visit Szarvas in Hungary

The Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI), based in Szarvas (Hungary), is the partner for growing the Hungarian “PeaceBread” rye.

The rye is grown next to Hungarian rye varieties on a trial field of the Institute, the research site in Szarvas featuring one of the largest and oldest lysimeter complexes in Europe.

Dr. Zsigmond JENEY, scientific director of the institute, and Research Fellow / Research Group Leader in the Irrigation Management and Rice Research Group Dr Mihály JANSCÓ, who is in charge of the „PeaceBread“ rye, highlighted the long agricultural tradition of Szarvas. Research aiming at the improvement of soil quality was already started by Priest Samuel TESSEDIK in the 18th century. In addition, reverend TESSEDIK was strongly interested in the development of the town of Szarvas, thus introducing new tree varieties and shaping today’s structure of the town.

Dr Mihály JANSCÓ, Mr Zoltan BESENCZY, Dr Gibfried SCHENK and Dr Janos MELIS (from left)

”PeaceBread” representatives also met with the Deputy Mayor of Szarvas, Mr Zoltan BESENCZY, and Dr. Janos MELIS, member of the Urban Administration, both referring to the age-long tradition of peaceful co-existence of different nationalities such as Hungarians, Slovakians and Austrians in Szarvas as centre of historic Hungary.

The peaceful cooperation in agriculture as the most important economic sector of the region was the final reason for our Hungarian partners to choose Szarvas as site for the „PeaceBread“ project.

Today, Szarvas is a flowering agricultural town with a technical college that is recognised nationwide and the largest arboretum of Hungary with more than 1,600 varieties of wood plants.

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