New founded National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (NARIC) to look after PeaceBread Project

New information from Mihaly Jancso, Szarvas:

The National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (NARIC) was founded on 1 January, 2014 in Hungary. The NARIC was established via integration of 13 research institutions in the field of agriculture and food industry.

(See http://www.naik.hu/en/institutes.html)

As the Research Department of Irrigation and Water Management (NARIC ÖVKI) the research activities of the former Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI) became a part of NARIC.

Since the beginning of this year NARIC ÖVKI looks after Hungarian part of PeaceBread Project.

Some pictures from Hungarian Rye Field:

Here in december, 2, 2013:

The first snowfall was observed. It was fallen only for an hour and was melted soon but some days of really cold winter weather followed. Our friends hoped the best for PeaceBread rye...

Here in April, 22, 2014:

The december hope was successful: In April the rye is already in the flowering stage in Hungary. Both the German variety 'Borellus' and the Hungarian variety 'Varda' are flowering because of the warm weather during the winter and spring. Only a few days difference was observed.

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