Tschechische Republik

Czech Republic plans to grow the rye in the border triangle Czech Republic – Poland – Germany

Mrs Jana POTMESILOVA from the Department of Plant Production in Czech Republic’s Ministry of Agriculture says that the rye will be grown in Chrastava (German: Kratzau). She explains the choice of this particular site as follows: “The symbolic meaning of the location Chrastava which was chosen for sowing of rye is that it is situated on the border of 3 states with history of totality.”

Chrastava is a town in the Czech Republic with 6,051 inhabitants (2004). This town belongs to the Bohemian Okres Liberec area and is located 350 m above sea level to the west of the Isergebirge (Iser mountains) close to where the river Jeřice flows into the Lusatian Neisse.

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