Minister and ambassador visit the farming couple Marite and Egils KREICBERGI on the occasion of sowing the Latvian “PeaceBread” rye

Minister Ms Dr. Laimdota STRAUJUMA and Ambassador Ms Andrea WIKTORIEN

High-ranking visitors in Andulaisi, borough of Zvarde, Saldus county

The Minister of Agriculture of the Latvian Republic, Ms Dr. Laimdota STRAUJUMA, and Ms Andrea WIKTORIEN, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Latvia, visited the farming couple Marite and Egils KREICBERGI on the Andulaisi Farm in the borough of Zwarde on the occasion of sowing the “PeaceBread” rye.

>The two visitors were accompanied by Mr Arvids KRIVENS (Latvian Ministry of Agriculture), Mr Martins CIMERMANIS, Chairman of the Rural Advisory and Education Counsel,Ms Elina GRINPAUKA, representative of FAO, Ms Judit SÜLI, Hungarian student apprentice, other members of staff of the ministry and of the embassy as well as representatives of the media including Latvian TV.

A report was broadcast on TV the same night.

In addition to the rye which was sown with the professional seeding equipment, both guests of honour also seeded some rye grains by their own hands.

It indeed honours the “PeaceBread” project that Minister as well as Ambassador took the time to participate in sowing the “PeaceBread” rye, both expressing their contentedness with the international unifying force of this initiative in their respective press releases.

Being responsible for the administration of the “PeaceBread” project in the Department of International Relations in the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Arvids KRIVENS deserves a particular “Thank you” for organising this appointment and also for documenting the event with impressive photographs.

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