Rye sown in Osijek, Croatia

Croatian project coordinator, Ivan ĐURKIĆ, reports:

»Further to your letter I am pleased to say that the seeds of rye crop is sown and sprouted. Enclosed I send a picture. As for information the crop is sown in the field in eastern Croatian region of Slavonia in Osijek.Osijek is a city in eastern Croatia. Located in a valley on the right bank of the river Drava between 16 th and 24 th kilometer of the mouth of the Danube. It is the largest city in Slavonia, the fourth largest city in Croatia, and the seat of the Osijek-Baranja County."

and further:

"In the city of Osijek the Institute for Seed and seedlings, the  Project coordinator, is located. The Institute is a scientific and professional institution that is responsible for the implementation of state functions in seed.«.

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