Estonian PeaceBread-partners in Berlin for talks

Department head Mr Ruve Šank of the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture used the opportunity of a visit to Berlin to talk to representatives of the PeaceBread office. In the course of the conversation, the communication on the “PeaceBread” project during International Green Week in Berlin in January 2014 was discussed. Estonia will be the Partner Country of Green Week next year.

Other issues of the conversation referred to a trip of a delegation of journalists, staff of Berlin Fair and representatives of the “PeaceBread” association to Latvia in September this year as well as first considerations with regard to the conference and the ceremonial act “PeaceBread” on 30th September and 1rst October 2014.

Mr Šank pointed to the “Rye Project“ of the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture, the Estonian Rye Association and the Estonian Agricultural Museum (, all interesting activities related to rye. The PeaceBread project offered to contribute to these activities.

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