Conference of Rye Growers Association in Tartu, Estonia, 17.04.2015

Following the Agroforum Mare Balticum, there was an opportunity for a conversation of German PeaceBread delegation with Ruve Šank, Head of Department at the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture, and Mr Hans Kruusamägi, Member of the Board of the Estonian Rye Association and Estonian Rye King (Hans I), both participants of the conference “Peace and Agriculture” on 30 September 2014 in Berlin. Mr Kruusamägi provided the opportunity to visit his farm.

On Friday 17 April, the possibility was offered to participate in the members assembly of the Estonian Rye Growers Association. It was a particular honour for Gibfried Schenk, General Manager of the association PeaceBread (Friedensbrot e. V.), to extend the respects of the association to the participants of the assembly and to briefly present the PeaceBread project and association.

Schenk congratulated the members on their successful work and expressed his appreciation of future cooperation with the Estonian Rye Growers Association.

Two practical proposals were discussed with regard to possible cooperation with the Association PeaceBread (FriedensBrot e. V.):

On the one hand, the association PeaceBread offered to assist the Estonian Rye Growers Association in the organisation and management of this year’s rye field trip to Bavaria. On the other hand, German partners highly appreciate the fact that the Estonian Rye Growers Association is currently evaluating the potential to set up a civil society partner association to PeaceBread in Estonia.

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