High level visit on Bulgarian PeaceBread field

Minister Prof. Dimitar Grekov (right) and Mr Angel Vukodinov Deputy Chairman of National Grain Producers Association

Here are the latest news from Ms Asya GOCHEVA, Bulgarian PeaceBread procect coordinator:

The National Grain Producers Association continues promoting the “Peace Bread” initiative, as it takes each individual public forum to raise awareness for the Project.

We gladly announce that the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food has formally joined the European initiative. National Grain Producers Associationpresented the rye field to the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Prof. Dimitar Grekov, and a group of officials on 4th of March. Prof. Grekov congratulated the Association on its participation as a Project partner and offered his undivided support. Mr Angel Vukodinov (NGPA’s Deputy Chairman) and Prof. Grekov both reiterated the importance of preserving the four fundamental EU freedoms – a main theme of the initiative.

Meeting of national Grain Producers Association on 5th of March, where the Project was presented again

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