Happy New Year greetings from our most southern PeaceBread field in Bulgaria

Happy New year to all PeaceBread partners, friends, members, supporters all over Europe!

We would like to start the 2014 reports with impressions from our most southern rye field in Bulgaria in Saedinenie, Plovdiv District.

Sowing of PeaceBread rye on 26.10.2013:

19.11.2013: Good start of growth:

New start in 2014. Here our Bulgarian PeaceBead field on 07.01.2014:

Asya GOCHEVA, Organizational Secretary of National Grain Producers Organization (NGPA) in Sofia, writes: "The lack of snow this winter in Bulgaria has meant starkly drier conditions when compared with previous years, and only the milder than normal temperatures have helped crops still maintain their moisture levels."

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